Child Care

Information for Parents and Carers

We understand that finding the ‘perfect match’ for your family and child can be a daunting experience that involves finding a nurturing and loving environment with a high quality academic program. Holy Family Children’s Services encourages families to visit our centre to look around and discuss their family and child’s needs.

Conditions of enrolment

All families are eligible to register with the Family Assistance Office (FAO) for Childcare Benefit (CCB) and Childcare Rebates (CCR), which is a subsidy available to all families where the parents are working or studying.

Fees are reviewed throughout the year and adjusted in accordance with the cost of living index. To find out more about all childcare benefits, visit:
/services/ centrelink/child-care-benefit

Fees are to remain current and must be paid weekly or fortnightly in advance. In the event of overdue fees there will be an administration charge of $5.50 each week the fees are late and you will receive a Statement of Account notifying you with the amount owing.


Once your child is enrolled, fees are calculated for the days your child is booked into the centre, including when your child is absent due to sickness or any absence. The Family Assistance Office (FAO) will only allow 42 absences per financial year, thereafter full fee will be payable.


Long Day Care

All food and drinks are provided for children enrolled at the Long Day Care.

Meals and snacks include:

  • Breakfast (for children dropped off prior to 7.30am)
  • Morning tea (includes fruit platter)
  • Hot lunch and dessert
  • Afternoon tea (includes fruit platter)
  • Late afternoon tea for children collected after 5pm 

Late pick-up fee

Holy Family Children’s Services is licenced between the following hours:

Long Day Care 6.30am – 6pm

Late pick-up fees apply.

Bond and cancellations

Holy Family Children’s Services has a bond policy which is equivalent to two full weeks fee attendance. The bond and enrolment fee must be paid prior to the starting day of your child.

If you wish to cancel our service, cancellations must be completed in writing two weeks prior to the last day at the centre.  Your child must attend throughout the two weeks’ notice period in order for your CCB to be applied to this period.

Should your child not attend during this period you will be charged full fees for the days as we cannot legally claim the CCB on your behalf.