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Long Day Care

Holy Family Children’s Services offers Long Day Care services for young children aged from six weeks to five years.

Our Long Day Care service is based on the Early Years Learning Framework developed by the Council of Australian Governments.

“The framework aims to ensure that all children have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves, and for the nation.”

Fundamental to the framework is the view that children are connected to their family, the community, culture and place.  Belonging, Being and Becoming characterise this, and are key focus points for our centre programming. 

Within the framework are five outcomes that through daily programming and observation children will be provided with a quality learning experience that encourages a holistic developmental curriculum.

They are:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators

At Holy Family Children’s Services we understand a child’s learning progresses in different stages and have established a Cubs Room for children aged 6 weeks to two years and a Lions Room for children aged three years to five years. Each room focuses on different learning outcomes to assist with their individual development.

Cubs Room

The Cubs Room is specifically designed to cater for children from six weeks old to two years of age.

At Holy Family Children’s Services we focus on encouraging a child’s inquisitive nature through a program based on interactive learning experiences. We believe the most effective way children learn is through interaction with their peers and educators in a play-based environment, through activities such as:

Creative arts, pre-writing skills and cognitive skills Drawing, painting, shape and colour recognition and name identification 
Self-help skills Meal time etiquette and toilet training
Social and emotional development Interacting effectively with peers, learn to take turns and share, develop expressive and receptive skills
Group time Listening to stories, singing songs, interacting with music and movement experiences

We also believe in providing a home-like environment, encouraging the development of strong loving bonds between our educators and children.

The room provides children with a strong foundation to enter the next stage of their development and preparing them for the transition to the preschool room. 

Lions Room

The Lions Room was established as the preschool room designed for children from three to five years of age.

At Holy Family Children’s Services we have based our educational program on the ‘The Early Years Learning Framework’ which was developed by the Council of Australian Governments.

The framework provides a great foundation to our play-based learning approach which is incorporated in all of the following preschool and school readiness programs:

Language and literacy Letter recognition, phonics, pre-writing skills, awareness of calendar, months of year, days of the week, group time interactions that include stories, learning experiences and show and tell
Numeracy/maths Number recognition, counting, concepts, puzzles, measuring, shape and colour recognition
Science/technology Experiments, predicting, conclusions, problem solving, classifying and computer access
Fine motor skills Pencil grip, writing name and scissor skills
Self-help skills Toileting, caring for own property, putting on shoes, socks and jumpers, washing hands and meal time etiquette
Social and emotional development Effectively expressing own feelings, manners, interacting effectively with peers, awareness of right and wrong, confidence and humour
Physical development Strong muscle development, balance, coordination, ball skills and hand eye coordination
Creative arts Dance, movement, role play, use of a range of mediums to create art, enjoyment and exposure to a range of mediums
Sustainability Composting, worm farm, recycling, vegetable garden, being an active participant, developing foundational life-long values and strategies for responsible living
Pals program

This program is offered to all children over a 10 week period and provides an interactive lesson that teaches listening and following instructions, problem solving, respecting others and becoming a confident speaker.

The program provides children with a strong foundation for building meaningful and respectful relationships and learning life skills that will provide a positive social platform at school.

The Long Day Care centre boasts modern facilities and includes daily interactive experiences, such as:

Natural outdoor environment Vegetable and herb gardens, compost and worm farms, fairy garden, sensory gardens and both a sandpit and dirt pit
Technology Computer hub with access to internet and printing, iPods, calculators
Community experiences Weekly visits with aged care residents


Holy Family Services Children’s Services operates from Monday to Friday.


6.30am - 6pm

We are open for 50 weeks of the year.  The centre closes for two weeks over Christmas and all public holidays.

Fees are to be paid in full each week prior to the child’s attendance

AgePer Day
0-3 years $107.50
3-5 years $99.00
Bond prior to commencement 2 weeks full fees
Enrolment Fee $150

CCB – Holy Family Children’s Services is approved to provide eligible families with childcare benefits (CCB) and Childcare Rebates (CCR)


At Holy Family Children’s Services we believe that for children to receive a high quality educational program there is a need for quality interactions and teaching from highly skilled educators. Each program has a higher ratio of educator to children and is guided by university degree qualified teachers and diploma trained educators.

Our staff are dedicated, passionate carers who believe their role is to not only offer a fantastic fun filled time for the children who attend, but to also guide children in their education and development.

Shannan  General Manger, Nominated Supervisor
Bachelor of Teaching (ECE 3 years)
Bachelor of Education (ECE) 
Ramila Educational Leader, Early Childhood Teacher, Lions Room Leader
Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)
Bachelor of Education (ECE) 
Arshia Educator, Cubs Room Leader
Diploma in Children’s Services
Angel Educator
Currently Completing Bachelor of Education (ECE)
Amber Educator
Certificate 3 in Children’s Services
Currently Completing Diploma in Children’s Services
Alarnah Educator
Certificate 3 in Children’s Services
Currently completing Diploma in Children’s Services
Ramandeep Educator
Certificate 3 in Children’s Services
Emma Trainee Educator
Currently completing Diploma in Children’s Services
Sarah Part time Educator
Diploma in Children’s Services


Kashmir Centre Cleaner

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