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About Us

Holy Family Services is dedicated to working with all members of the community regardless of age, culture and religion providing essential services for residential aged care, retirement village, childcare and our Registered Training Organisation –Holy Family Services RTO where care, living and education actively go hand in hand.

Holy Family Services RTO integrates the overarching mission of Holy Family Services to celebrate diversity that enhances community spirit and community life with a long-standing history of providing direct services to the aged care sector. Therefore, Holy Family Services RTO nationally recognized training courses are not only designed to meet the needs of training for the aged care industry, but also supports graduates to be job ready and develop the Holy Family Services core beliefs and values of spiritual, physical and emotional support that is required to make a positive difference in the aged care industry.

This foundation of aged care industry experience ensures that care, living and education go hand in hand so that Holy Family RTO provides our society with qualified and proficient staff with solid values for the aged care sector where we need to be ready for the emerging ageing population.

Our Mission

To provide in conjunction with the residents and their families, the children and their parents, and the students an individualised, customer focused service. This service will be based on Christian values in the Catholic tradition. Hospitality, love and acceptance will form the cornerstone of Holy Family Services.

Our Vision

Grow and respond to the changing needs of family and community through the mission of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in every interaction in aged, children’s and education services.

Our Values

Holy Family Services RTO embodies the following core values of Holy Family Services:


Hospitality is the foundation of our legacy and values, and we have put much effort into creating a supportive environment suitable to the needs of those entrusted in our care. Our training supports the development of new ideas that enhance family life,community spirit and making a difference for society.


Love is an essential value reflected in all our work at Holy Family Services. Holy Family Services RTO endeavors to make every milestone special for the students in our care which celebrates life with families and our community.


At Holy Family Services RTO, we relate to one another with compassion and empathy, recognizing that no two people are the same. This enables Holy Family Services RTO to provide education and training in a safe learning environment that actively inspires care, living and education.

Our Difference

Holy Family Services RTO is very unique as it is an age care specific targeted registered training organisation that understands the aged care industry and how to provide quality training within the workplace without disruption to daily operations. Our trainers are all highly qualified and experienced Aged Care Nurses who understand the needs of the aged care industry first-hand. This valuable understanding results in training that creates a more effective and educated workforce in the aged care sector.

Holy Family Services RTO ensures that training is tailored to suit the customised needs of both aged care industry clients and individual students. Our trainers customise delivery of current courses and aged care industry client selected skills sets and/or accredited units of competency that provide development opportunities for aged care staff.

Our Details

Legal Entity Name  Holy Family Services 
Address 116-132 Quakers Road
Marayong NSW 2148  
Telephone  (02) 9678 8200 
Fax  (02) 9678 8299  
ABN  16 099 752 628 
RTO ID  91448